Friday, March 18, 2005

My sister's house

I sometimes accuse my sister of getting all the good genes.

She definitely got all our mother's good domestic ones: cooking, cleaning, neatness, general household industriousness.

I got the ones that need glasses and tend to gain weight after marriage.

She got the decorating gene too. And the one with green thumbs.

front porch

above a kitchen window

in the dining room

dining room again

back door


Magazine Man said...

What WAS I thinking showing my wife this blog? Every time she sees the pictures she gets new ideas for things she wants to do this spring. First it was gardening, now it's decorating. My "honey-do" list is getting longer by the second!

But I bet your sister wishes she had some of your talents (such as your excellent photography skills. You have a great eye).

Will try to comment more, but Blogger has been dragging a lot when it comes to posting. What a pain! --MM

Rurality said...

You're too kind!

My sister has many enviable artsy craftsy talents. But I will always be the older sister and can therefore boss her around.

Yes blogger has been a big pain in the patootie lately. Doesn't work about 90% of the time, especially the comments part.

I really think it's the spam blogs that are throwing glue into the machinery.

If you have tried searching for anything in Technorati lately, you'll see spam, spam, and more spam.

sugarcreekfarm said...

Ooo, pretty pots. Remind me of ones my grandma used to decorate.

I don't have a sister. My mom's genes seem to have simply skipped a generation. My daughters got her "perfectly painted nails" gene.

happyandblue2 said...

You should leave your glasses off next time you visit her and accidently kick those pots right off the step. That will teach her..

Mary said...

The first 2 pictures remind me of Mary Englebreit's decorating style. Very cute!

jenni said...

will you help decorate my place? right now it's decorated in mostly books and dog hair...

Rurality said...

Well you wouldn't want me to decorate... my style is more like packrat central. You could probably hire my sister out if you paid her enough though!

I did paint some pots several years ago, but the paint always seems to flake off eventually.