Friday, March 25, 2005

Plug week continues

After recently recommending some Canadian "e" friends, I thought I'd better plug some real-life Alabama friends, before they beat me up.

Ron Dometrovich is a local musician and co-founder of the "soap for CDs" program. I'm a big fan of his music, which is sort of folk, sort of country, sort of singer-songwritery. Two of his earlier CDs, A Good Mechanic (is Hard to Find) and A Place With No Name, are available at CDBaby. He has three others that you'll have to buy at one of his shows, or email him for. Of them all, I think The Grander Scheme of Things is my favorite. It should be on CDBaby as well, hint hint Ron.

Ron's lovely wife Kim has just started Sewing By Kim. The site is still under construction - I think she only has her About Me page up at this point, so check back soon. She's done costume work for the Alabama Ballet and several local theater groups, and is a real sweetie who also knows a lot about plants. I think Kim was one of the first people we met when we started doing craft shows. Of course we like her because she always praises our soap to potential customers when she's in our booth. But she was also nice enough not to get mad when I let slip about something that she had bought Ron for Christmas. (Oops.)

Marcus Lusk is the artist and creator of the comic book Tales from the Bog. You may notice that his web site is woefully out of date... yes I'm hoping to shame him into updating it. To buy back issues of Tales (and other comic book and art things), visit his EBay store.

"Every penny you spend will help bring the Bog back sooner," says Marcus, "And it helps feed my two kids, too!" (I'm sure I hear violin music playing somewhere in the background.) But really, they are astonishingly cute kids.

If you need a decorative mailbox, Debbie at All for Katie is who you need to see. She has lots of other pretty painted things too, but I'm partial to the mailboxes. (We have one with pansies.)

She's very talented and in person, is what you'd call a hoot and a half. That's her daughter Katie pictured on the website. She's even more of a stunner nowdays; I'm sure her mother is having to beat the boys off with a stick. Order a lot, because as Debbie says, "Teenage girls are very expensive."


Hick said...

What a nice idea. Your friends are very lucky to know someone like you.

Magazine Man said...

"Teenage girls are very expensive."

Yeah...starting at the age of 4, if I'm not mistaken. ;-)

Clearly I've got lots to look forward to...

Craíg said...

what camera do you use? Your pictures are always so clear.

fred said...

I'll have to check out the sites you link here. I hope to enter the halls of Shameless Commerce this summer with some Blue Ridge Mountains photography CD's for sale along the Parkway. I have much to learn about marketing, distribution, sales and the tax man. Sigh.

Rurality said...

Hick, thanks, I'm trying to draw support for my friends, from among my tens of readers... heh.

MM, according to some in my family, it starts even earlier than that. And to think that all I ever used to want was a pair of "store bought" jeans. Well and a little leather purse I used to love. And a few LPs. And some platform shoes. And a little pony...

Craig, the pics on this entry are not by me. (I probably should have said that.) But in general, I use a Sony Mavica CD1000. I guess I need to do a faq since people keep asking that.

Oh Fred, it's a whole new world o' bidness out there... in some states they run a little class by the Dept of Revenue, to teach you all about tax stuff. But if you're totally wholesale you won't need to worry about sales taxes. Until they slap one on internet sales, then ALL your time will be taken up by figuring out how much tax is in every municipality in the country and mailing them their .04 cents... Cold calling is the other really fun bidness thing. I actually hate that more than the tax part.

happyandblue2 said...

Nice links.

Craíg said...

I figured they weren't I just posted here so that I could catch your attention.