Saturday, March 12, 2005

Chicky babies

We got our chicks!

Rhode Island Reds - we ordered these for someone else, but will probably foster them until they get a little bigger.

Cuckoo Marans - They seem to look a lot like Dominiques. But the eggs they lay are very dark brown. "Marans" is both the singular and the plural name.

Ameraucanas - Actually "Easter Egger" chickens. They all look different because they are bred for egg laying color (blue and green) instead of looks.

Cute huh?

Click the links above to see what they'll look like when they're older.


Rurality said...

Just a note to say that no, we're not raising them on top of this wire! It was just a handy, non-shady photo spot that was above dog-nose level.

shannon said...

We're ordering some cuckoo marans too, to get some eggs on the darker side, (E says I'm obsessed with making the most multi colored egg cartons possible - I can't deny it :) We're goign to try hatching out our Americaunas this year so that I can def. get some blue egg layers.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, they're cute. My kids just made the connection between the chickens we look at and the chickens we eat. It disturbed them for all of twenty seconds. :)

happyandblue2 said...

I have never heard of different colors of chickens that layed different colors of eggs.
Are you sure that you aren't thinking of the easter bunny..

Rhodent said...

Awww... cute chicks!

sugarcreekfarm said...

Aw, how cute! Our chicks don't arrive for a few weeks yet. My daughters ordered some Americaunas and some other fancy types for fun.

Rurality said...

happyandblue2, you should see this post... and no they're not from bunnies! The eggs from the marans should look like chocolate however so I'll have to be careful.

Like Shannon, I am obsessed with the whole colored egg idea. I did restrain myself slightly by not ordering two other types I was thinking about (Salmon Faverolles and Turkens)... got to leave something for next year!

Chicks are so much fun. And they grow so fast!

jenni said...

awwww! that is so sweet! these should be posters, or made into a calendar.

Grace said...

Oh- they are all soooo cute. Of course, that's what everybody said about Sam, the rooster-hen when he was a fluffy little chick named Samantha, too. We had a severe gender identity crisis when our precious little hen crowed.

Those marans - and the wonderful dark eggs- absolutely beautiful!

I am so enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so much cuteness! Seeing your pictures is making it very hard to stick to my "No Baby Chicks" rule this Spring. Such adorable wee balls of fluff!

Count me among those trying to have the most colorful combos of eggs possible. ;)


Rurality said...

Thanks Grace. Sure you don't need a couple more roosters? Niiiiiice Buff Orpington roosters? Who'll never attack you?

Now Sarah. You know you want some. You probably need some!