Monday, April 18, 2005

Bloomin' Festival

I made one too many jokes about being at the right hand of Jesus.

We got moved to a new space. Under a nice magnolia, but not where I'd told everyone we'd be. I thought it was a punishment, but it turned out that lots of other people were in new spaces too.

The weather was perfect. The monks didn't look like they were sweltering as much as usual.

There was a lot of cool stuff, but I managed to not spend more than we made.

It was a show that allowed dogs.

The people selling dog hats were happy about that.

We sold out of several scents, so now I've got to make soap like crazy.

Nice place for a craft show.

I took several pictures of the statue of Jesus. It was a little disconcerting to answer "yes" to the computer's "Are you sure you want to send 'Jesus' to the recycle bin?"


Rurality said...

Note: A customer at the show had one of the Canon Digital Rebel cameras so I got to look at it close up and talk with him a little. Now I've really got pixel envy!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

That festival looks like it was a lot of fun. Did you buy anything? Every year in October in Santa Cruz the local artists do "Open Studios" for three consecutive weekends. You can tour around and see where and how the work is being done-- from oil paintings to mosaic tile work, jewelers to potters. It's very cool.
Thanks for sharing that Canon Digital Rebel story. I'm going to go look at one today, if the local camera store has any in stock. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hick said...

Ha! I love that last comment.

My favorites are the dog hats.

Congrats on your sales. As usual...beautiful pictures.

MissBossyPants said...

made me laugh out loud! smiles.

Magazine Man said...

So, I guess there were dogs at this show? ;-)

Looked like fun.

So, which is better: to recycle Jesus or to throw Him in the trash? Let the religious debate begin...

Rurality said...

Thanks everybody.

RD let me know if you get one! I think that is the one that Chris over at Creek Running North got. (The Digital Rebel XT, that is.)

I only bought a few things: a necklace, some pottery, and some local honey and beeswax candles. If I can find my pottery friend's email address I'll ask her if it's ok to post a picture.

There was a painting that I wanted, but I'm pretty full up on art so had to (painfully) say no.

If I ever win the lottery I'm starting the "Karen museum" where I'll store all the art that I buy. This is my favorite fantasy.

Oh yeah the dogs were great. There were about 50 million more that I wanted to take pictures of, but they came by when we were too busy. One in particular could've rivaled Mr. Winkles.

MM, no! Bad MM. Don't get started! :)