Friday, April 01, 2005

Postdiluvian (baby)

Just a smidge under 4 inches of rain. (I probably should have cleaned it a little.)

Happy little creek.

Engorged monstrosity that sweeps all the neighbors' trash onto our property. Or (eventually) into the Locust Fork.

Happy little spring-fed duck & frog playground.

Now including lots of runoff from further up the valley. The ducks were afraid and wouldn't go near it.

A beaver-chewed stick. The sound of rushing water turns on a switch in a beaver's brain that says, "build a dam". I think I heard hundreds of little switches being toggled yesterday.

As far as I'm concerned, they can build to their little hearts' content, as long as they're not flooding the driveway.

We collect the stray beaver sticks and give them to my sister's neighbor. She's an artist, and uses them in her framing. This pleases me more than I can say.

Redbud blossoms, after the rain. (Cercis canadensis.)

Deja vu today... more of the same.


Charles said...

I am sitting in a cubicle in a building on 5th Avenue and wishing I had your life.

LauraP said...

Beautiful photos, especially the redbud.

happyandblue2 said...

I really liked the photo of the stream. The happy one..

swamp4me said...

I hear your rain is headed our way. Hopefully we won't get quite as much. The soil around here is already pretty saturated.

Rexroth's Daughter said...

First time checking in on your blog. It's really so good, I'm glad I linked from one of your comments over at Sparkleberry Springs. I love your photography. Really beautiful.

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all.

Charles, as my brother says, it always looks better in pictures than in real life. :) We do like it here though.

Laura, thanks for stopping by! The redbud is my favorite one too.

H&B, the good thing about the big rains is that afterwards we can go hunting for fossils... new rocks are always washed down our way.

S4M, we got another inch and a half today. I'll happily send it all out to you, I'm tired of it.

Rexroth's daushter, thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the compliment!

Hick said...

Looks like you finally got our rain. We are supposed to get another storm here tomorrow that will probably bring more snow to the Sierras. As usual, after seeing your pictures, I can't wait for spring to get here.

We have a saying here, though. Spring won't come until it snows on the Dogwood. The Dogwood has not started blooming yet...Sigh.

Rurality said...

No snow here but wind wind wind today. I had set my little tomato plants (still in pots) outside to get a little sun but had to bring them back in because they kept getting blown over.

I want to plant them in the ground but it's just too wet.

Rhodent said...

Wonderful photos...I really like the Happy Little Creek... you should frame it!

Rhodent said...
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megabethcom said...

Thank you for all these photos and the hundreds of others, I really enjoy them. It makes me long to get outdoors and go hiking.

Rurality said...

Thanks y'all.

Rho, I think Blogger really really likes you, to always print your comments twice, LOL.

SM, I saw some of the fiddlehead fern things over the weekend and thought about you. I wanted to get a picture, but the light was just too bright.

It's a great time of year to go hiking, before it's so hot. But geez the gnats are bad already, even early in the morning.

fred said...

Locust Fork?

Know where Scarem Bluff is?

Good buddy of mine from high school lived in Rimlap. Close?
BTW I never saw your ground-hugging Trillium from recent pix--never even saw the species name. Interesting.

Rurality said...

Don't know Scarem Bluff, although I love the name!

Remlap, sure, very close. And it's with an "e", since of course it's Palmer spelled backwards. :) Because the nearby "Palmerdale" apparently wasn't enough.

The trailing trilliums grow in a pretty narrow swath, but are as they say "locally abundant".