Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rode hard and put away wet

As I struggled all day yesterday with focus, I thought, "Well I missed sleep last night worrying, but at least I'll sleep good tonight."

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m., worried about beavers.

This is not like me at all.

It turned out to be a good thing I suppose, since I was awake at 3:30 to hear the distant tornado sirens.

(Not an actual picture of the storm.)

We spent half the night in the shop, watching tv reception fade in and out.

I don't think that fitful sleep with your clothes on adds up to much in the world of make-up sleep.

(Beavers are causing what I suspect is going to be a very expensive problem. More on this later.)


Eva said...

I lived in Indiana for a little while when I was a child and remember how scary tornado watches were. Glad you made it through o.k.! Looking forward to hearing about the beavers.

Rurality said...

I guess you don't have that problem out west. Maybe you have earthquakes there though...? Actually it's not out of the realm of possibility for an earthquake here either. We've had small ones anyway.

Rhodent said...

Our tornados are usually smaller here than in the Texas to midwest belt where they get really nasty. WE get frequent watches and warnings, but they usually are small and shortlived funnel clouds. Hurricanes, though, are another story! Last summer was the pits and it is almost hurricane season again.

Can't wait to hear about the beavers!

Jerry said...

Growing up in Nebraska and South Dakota we experience all sorts of tornados. The good thing about being in such a flat, treeless land is you can usually see them coming. The bad thing is they were always coming.

I think there's only been one or two small tornado sightings in the 15+ years I've been in New Hampshire. There was a freak micro-burst a few years back that flattened a huge swath of trees as if a 747 had made a crash landing.

Beavers? Good luck with that industrious bunch...

Rurality said...

We were lucky last year and had almost no tornado warnings in our area.

My sister lived in Oak Grove when they had the devastating F5 tornado there in 1998. It was a mile or three from her house and I was scared to death because I couldn't get her on the phone for a while. That one killed 32 people, injured 250, and destroyed 1000 homes.

They had a tv news special about it when it was all over. On of the things that struck me was people who'd been near the tornado all commented on how bad it smelled. "Like everything all mixed together," one said.

Jerry I now see that a flat tire can sometimes be a GOOD thing, LOL!

Zanne said...

Well I live in the "Land-O-Twisters", so I can relate. We've spent many an evening in a corner the basement. I'm loving your how did I find it? I can never remember, but I think it was the Sugar Creek Farm blog. No matter, this is great. I am laughing so hard because I can't imagine there's another blog anywhere that contains the sentence....
"Last night I woke up at 2 a.m., worried about beavers."
Those words simply don't exist in that combination! Anyway, I'm stuck up late washing the hubby's pants so he has something to wear tomorrow and I think I'll spend an hour or so reading your stuff.
Regards, Suzanne - "The Farmers Wife"

Rurality said...

Thanks Suzanne, in a strange twist of small-blogging-world, I had just clicked over to your excellent blog(s) yesterday! I didn't have time to post a comment (I was waiting on a return call and when it happened I had to rush) but bookmarked it to return when I had a spare minute. Your pictures are breathtaking!