Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Magic City Art Connection

What I bought at the art show that I said I wasn't going to attend.

I loved all their large pieces, but this is the one that I could afford. Their website is Studio A Pottery but there's not much there yet.

You might guess that I have a little handmade-mug collection going on.

For the wooden spoons, by the same guy who made the second mug above. The most inexpensive pottery that I've seen in ages. No web site but if you fall in love with this I can send his phone number.

This print is among the things I might have bought if we were not short on discretionary funds (and even shorter on space for more art).

And something from Works of Man. I love this style of jewelry. There was a beautiful necklace with a sun's rays (not on his site unfortunately) that was really speaking to me. I wanted to converse, but the artist had customers, my pockets were empty, and hubby was tired and itchy to head home.

This is a fun show to visit - it's fine art and fine craft so of course no workaday soapmakers like me (sob sob). But for artistes it's good show and (apparently) good dough - they come from near and far. Our pottery above is from Minnesota and North Carolina.


Charles said...

hey, cool print. too bad about the price tag, though it's not an unreasonable sum.

Rurality said...

No the price isn't bad at all, it's just the many, many other things needing a $ infusion.

Plus we've got more art than we have room to display already. It's all having to go into storage for a few years anyway so... I couldn't in good conscience ignore things that we need, in order to buy art that'll just have to be stored away. Still wanted it though!

Eva said...

Beautiful mugs -- I really like the soft colors.

Hick said...

I like your new mug, but I love that print! Bee-utiful!

Rhodent said...

I agree... great print!

Rurality said...

Glad to see you all have such good taste. :)

My husband says that the first ceramic piece looks more like a beer stein than a coffee mug. Well maybe, but he's not getting it! :P

Jenny said...

Beautiful mugs! I love collecting "things". I guess I am somewhat of a packrat!

Rurality said...

Thanks a Jenny, I am a total packrat, but I'm trying to reform!