Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Greening up

The happy little creek is greening up.

Walking around the ponds last week I had a possible encounter with a Bay-breasted warbler.

He hid among the crowd of new leaves, and wouldn't stay put long enough to be sure.

I have a strange track record with this species - I usually only see one per year. Hope that wasn't it.

This week the weather systems in the southeast are good for migrating birds, but bad for bird watchers. That's the way it goes.

Nowdays they can track some bird migrations with radar.


Forms said...

wow - this looks beautiful. is this creek on your property?

it is finally warming up in Canada - we hit a record of 27 degrees celsius yesterday (i would say thats in the 80's in fahrenheit but i cant be sure).

i am glad that you are out enjoying the weather - i sure am!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

That picture is beautiful. I love the light pouring through the trees and shining on to the water.
When I grew up on the east coast in the late 50s and 60s, I remember when birds migrated in flocks so large they darkened the skies. I never see flocks like that anymore. Does that still happen?

Maktaaq said...

That is gorgeous!

And, Forms, what part of Canada are you from? :)

Reminds me of this.

jenni said...

hey, that looks like my creek--only much cleaner...

TurtleHeart said...

What an absolutely gorgeous picture and a *beautiful* creek. I've enjoyed seeing pictures of the creek and all its "moods" as the seasons change.

NoIvory said...

Maktaaq, your creek is beautiful also. It reminds me of the creek running through Kit Carson National Forest outside of Santa Fe. There's nothing like being close to water.

Rhodent said...

Beautiful creek and bird. It's days like these that make me wish I didn't work. My office does not have a window ( I am the only staff member who doesn't have one... because I get to look at the safe all day!) so I can get out of touch with the outside world.

Rurality said...

Thanks all.

Forms, yes it's on our property. It's one of the things that convinced us to buy this place. 27C is about 81F, which is what it was here today!

RD, that is early morning light. Or as one writer put it, the dawnzer lee light. (Dawn's early light!)

We see some big flocks of grackles, but not like the size of those I saw as a kid. Every now and then you'll see a big flock of migrating birds, but not really "darkening the skies" size. Those flocks are normally seen in the fall in this area.

Maktaaq, I think Forms is from London Ontario. I like that other picture a lot!

Jenni I wonder why your creek is always muddy like it is. Doesn't seem normal.

We do love having the water here. I especially love finding little springs here and there.

Rho, you need one of those super sneaky spy scopes that will let you peek around corners, LOL. Well I guess you will be safe in storms. :)