Monday, May 02, 2005

Chick progression

Since we moved the little chicks out to the coop, it's been harder to get them to sit still for their close-ups.

They don't want to sit in my hand any more. It would embarrass them in front of their peers.

The only time they're interested in me is when I'm feeding them. Teenagers!


Rexroth's Daughter said...

The colors on this chick are beautiful. I don't ever imagine chickens to have these lovely bands of blacks and browns on their wings like that. It makes them look less domesticated than they are-- and somehow a little bit wild.

shannon said...

those are you americaunas, yes? Once the Agway chicnks are feathered out, time to order some more A. chicks and get our green egg numbers up - two in each dozen is nice, but I loved, pre-fox attack, being able to alternate green-brown, green-brown :) Pretty girls you have there!

Rhodent said...

LOL... teenagers!

Rurality said...

Yep, Americaunas, Easter Eggers, whatever you want to call them! I hope there will be some bluish egg layers and not all green, but green will be ok too.

It's funny how they can look so different and still be the same "breed". Most of ours are like the one in front here, but a couple are light or all white.

We only have one grown A. gal left so it'll be strange to have so many colored eggs once the others start laying. (It took this one a LONG time to start.) Now that we are down to 9 layers, production has slowed down.

We are fostering some Rhode Island Reds, and I'm wishing we'd ordered some for ourselves now. They are prettier and friendlier that I'd thought.

shannon said...

Sorry to hear about your garden losses - the most frustrating thing here is being too pregnant to get any signifigant planting done all at once, though there is small progress being made. Last year had a great spring crop in, and lot sof summer seedlings under heavy row covers. Oh well, I think the summer crops will go in as planned - even pregnant, if I'm not working I'll have enough time to do it all slow but sure. We had an all white Americuana - she's the one who was laying the double yolkers and acting weird this year. She passed a few nights ago - for the best as she wasn't improving. We have a dark stripey one and a buff one now. Some of our girls lay blue-ish eggs, but they are all sort of green - I think the only way to really get blue eggs is order Araucanas from a specialty hatchery. They had some at livestock auction but they were going for 20 each!

Rurality said...

Sorry to hear about the poor dear. The only one of our grown chickens to die so far (as opposed to being killed) was an Americauna also... wonder if that's typical? Hope not.

I would be the idiot who'd pay $20 for one, but only if they were really blue eggs, LOL.