Thursday, May 26, 2005

I'll second that

This is not awesome.

First Ken Jennings comes in second in the Jeopardy "Ultimate Tournament of Champions," then local boy Bo Bice comes in second on American Idol.

The winners were good, but...

I was prepared to be crowing today about Alabama's second AI winner (both Bo and Ruben Studdard are from the Birmingham area).

Still proud of him of course. People I know, who know people who know him, say he's very nice.

But boo hoo. Bo hoo. Dagnabbit.


Anvilcloud said...

It was close, and Bo is nice. SOmetimes, I think that coming in second is the biggest break possible. Seemed to work well for Clay.

Hick said...

Boo hoo for Bo. I thought he was cute, cute, cute (but he needed to get rid of that "walking around with the entire microphone" thing. JMO)

NoIvory said...

Bo has a great personality. A friend just told me that the top 10 AI finalists are contracted with American Idol to give the company a large percentage of any music deal they make (I think in the 10 years following the contest). I have no doubt Bo will get a contract. I'm sorry he'll have to share so much of it (I believe it's a large percentage), though his finders certainly did him a favor in elevating his career and chances.

Karen said...

I rooted for Ken. I heard he might get his own game show! He's still more famous than Brad.

Rurality said...

Anvilcloud & noivory, you are probably right!

Hick I guess it's just a rocker thing. Or maybe they're afraid that they won't be able to find the stand if they leave it just anywhere, LOL.

Karen I hadn't heard that. I wonder if people would be as interested in him as a host? I think they did him a disservice by giving him a bye into the final three. He might have done better with a little more practice.

Alabamian said...

Yep, Ken's getting his own show on Comedy Central, and I'm very glad to hear it. He definitely would have done better if he had a few games to warm up before the final round; it was pretty clear that he was rusty and his timing was off. The guy who won wouldn't have wanted any of Ken during his streak last year.

Anonymous said...

Carrie's handlers had her warble a patriotic song with all the right hot button words (freedom, de rigeur), and the public's lapping that stuff up. Bo was just a little too laid back and all Lenny Kravitz for the voters. I think Bo said it all when he nailed that Gavin DeGraw piece, "I Don't Wanna Be (Anybody but me)".

Rurality said...

Thanks for that link Alabamian. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

Anon, yep, even here in AL I heard a lot of "he's a hippy" or complaints about the hair/beard.

It's the first year that the person I wanted to win didn't win.

Nadia was actually one of my early favorites, but I think her nerves got the better of her.

I think Fantasia would have beaten all of them though.