Monday, May 09, 2005


We were at the Homestead Hollow Spring Festival over the weekend. Sold a bunch of soap, ate too much, heard some good music, scoped out everyone else's cameras, and met several blog readers. Thanks for coming by!

There's a sheep under there somewhere.

One of my favorite parts of Homestead is watching the Burrells' demonstrations. I forgot my camera and thought I'd missed the sheep shearing, but they did another one on Sunday.

The proverbial black sheep, Malachi.


The previous days' work.

She was clearly trying to tell me something, I just don't know what.

Their eyes are fascinating.

The uncorrupted offspring of the ewes and rams.*

Nothing to do with sheep, I just loved this rhododendron.

*Every time I saw the lamb it reminded me of this line from a John Wesley Harding song.


roger said...

ahhh---black sheep. in an earlier part of my life i had 6 black sheep, including a ram. sheared them with hand clippers, just as you picture. some hold still for shearing, being mainly on their back and unable to move. some don't hold so still, and the shears are very sharp. most of mine also defecated during shearing. a few urinated. the ram at least had handles on his head. in a moment of inattention i once let him get squarely in front of me. they are called rams for a reason. he was mostly placid, tho he did spend a lot of time butting fence posts.

jenni said...

I love that photo of the eye--surreal.

I got my soaps! They are wonderful! I love the salt scrub so much. it makes your skin feel like silk!

TurtleHeart said...

Love sheep... love their wool! I took one class on how to spin wool with a drop spindle... would love to learn more...

Charles said...

they look nick free, them guys. I should shave so well.

Rurality said...

DPR, the white sheep I saw being sheared held perfectly still, but Malachi here had to struggle a bit every now and then. And yep, there were those "raisinettes" that the daughter had to warn the kids not to eat, LOL.

Thanks Jenni, I'm glad you like the soaps and scrub!

Turtleheart, they do drop spindle spinning demos sometimes too, and weaving as well. Those girls are really talented. It's mesmerizing to watch the spinning, and I'm sure it's much more difficult than it looks. I'd love to learn how, but I've already got more hobbies than I can shake a stick at. :)

Charles, one of the girls was standing there with some sort of spray, which she said was medicine in case the sheep got nicked. I didn't see her have to use any though.

Trix said...

The eyes ARE freaky! Yipes!

Rurality said...

Aren't they?! Goats' eyes are similar. Otherworldly, almost.

Karen said...

I think they eyes are CREEPY. (That's a city slicker talking.) Despite the wool it makes the sheep seem non-cuddly.